Welcome to the Glasto Thingy!

It’s a question often pondered as we wait from ticket day until the last week in June…

When will Glastonbury Festival announce their line up?

So, when will it happen?

The thing is, I can’t tell you. What I can do is provide the release dates from recent years. Then you can guess along with the rest of us.

Click onThe Thingyfor the monthly breakdown (including days of the week and links to all news stories) or Calendar for a breakdown across the entire year.

The When Does…? page groups together dates for things I’m most often asked about, such as “When are the headliners announced?” and “When is resale day?”

This information is provided by the good people of the eFestivals Glastonbury Forum. Particular thanks to Brave Sir Robin,  Beaver89 and Dukeicon for putting the original Thingy together, and kalifire for the current iteration and maintenance.

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